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Students love this site, you should love it too.

Homework, exercise sheets or assignments are only a small part of the amount of files that students send each other. They love this site, they have never shared their files so easily and uncomplicatedly as with Flip Transfer. But what makes this "Flip Transfer" so special? Now after a look at their website, you are taken by surprise by the simplicity. There are 3 fields:
- The field where you can upload your files.
- The field where you get a so called "FLIP-ID". More about this later.
- And last but not least a field where you can enter a "FLIP-ID".

So as far as I understood that, you upload your files in the first field. In the second field you will see "Your FLIP-ID", so to speak my FLIP-ID. For example, if my colleague wants to download my uploaded file, he has to enter my FLIP ID in the third field. There my uploaded files will be displayed and he can download them. The site also offers to download the files packed and compressed as a zip file, which makes the whole thing very pleasant if the other has uploaded many files.

In summary one can say that this is probably the most uncomplicated way to "send" your files. According to Flip Transfer's homepage, you should no longer call the file transfer process "send" or "transfer", but "flip". They write: "From today files are no longer "transferred" but "flipped"!"

Finally, I can say that I am very excited about the ease and speed with which you can share files using Flip Transfer. I think something big is coming up and I think we're going to hear a lot more about Flip Transfer. Unfortunately, there is another negative point at the moment, namely that anyone who knows this FLIP ID can also access the uploaded files. But this problem will soon be a thing of the past, due to an unwanted publication it was obvious that the team behind Flip Transfer was already working on a way to protect their files from unauthorized access with a password.
The best thing is to make your own picture, you can reach the site at!