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With our simple and user-friendly website, we enable users of all ages to easily transfer files.

Transfer your first file

Did you just want to save your holiday photos from your mobile phone to your computer? In order to reach this simple goal you had to set up an account, then you had to log on to your mobile phone and computer. And only after minutes of long work you could finally view your holiday photos on your computer... Not with us!

Just transfer it

You do not need to register with our file transfer service. You click on a button, select your photos and they are uploaded. Done!

Downloading is as easy as uploading. Simply enter the FLIP ID you received before and the files are ready to download.

Can Grandpa do that?

I'm pretty sure he could.

Your aunt wants to hang the photos at home?

Of course she can! Just give her the FLIP-ID, she downloads the files and prints them out. It couldn't be easier!

”As fast as I take a photo with my mobile phone, as fast I want to have the photo on my computer. “

— My Grandpa


Leon F.


“I used to get hundreds of e-mails with Excel files every day, after 3 months I didn't get any, my mailbox was full.
We discovered flip-transfer.com, now we can finally transfer files in a controlled way.”

Leon F. Accountant

Mellissa Clark


“Since I've known flip-transfer.com, my grades have improved. We have never been able to transfer homework, assignments and projects as easily as with flip-transfer.com. Without this page I would never have got where I am now.”

Mellissa Clark Student

Veronica Powell


“My son never has time to help me save the vacation photos. I used to have to wait for days until he finally had time for me. With the help of flip-transfer.com I can do it myself in seconds!”

Veronica Powell Mother

What We Do

Offer a way

With Flip Transfer we offer you a secure way to transfer your files.

Make it easy

With our grandparent optimized system, we offer an incredibly easy way to transfer files.

Do it fast

With us you save the registration, we do not need your personal data at all. Just upload it!

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